What Clients Are Saying

So many things about buying a home are stressful, overwhelming, and scary, especially if it’s the first time.

Lucky for us, we had Stephen Mercer to guide us reassuringly through the chaos. Stephen is not only a great real estate agent, but he also understands that the decision to buy a home is an emotional one. He is thorough, smart, patient, and funny.

He is discerning and critical while also being supportive and positive. Our search for our first home had a few bumps and snags, but Stephen never doubted that we would find what we were looking for.

When we found the perfect house for our growing family, he expertly advised us on how to make the best offer in a very competitive market. The best part about our journey with Stephen was that it didn’t end when we signed the closing documents. He recommended a reliable contractor to do renovations, and he checked in regularly to ensure we were getting what we paid for.

He was genuinely interested in making sure we settled in, and he was crucial in helping us navigate a basement flood after a freak storm. Stephen was so much more than our real estate agent. He was our advocate, our mentor, our advisor, and our friend. We wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone buying a home."

Ethan and Lauren Washington D.C.

"Stephen Mercer made buying our first home in an unfamiliar city as easy and stress free as I could have imagined.

He was exceedingly knowledgeable about every aspect of the process, from evaluating homes through the lens of a contractor to helping with the banking aspect of making the purchase. He never once pressured us to make a decision or hurry the process, and we felt confident that he had our best interest at heart.

Lastly, it is worth noting that he always accommodated our schedule requests, which were erratic at best. (We had to make the move in <4 weeks and were doing so from quite a distance away.)

Working with Stephen was akin to having a close family member who knows the ins-and-outs of home buying advise you along every steps of the process. I can say without reservation that I would recommend him to anyone in need of a friendly, unbiased, and knowledgable buyer's agent - he was fantastic!"

Kelly and Coursen

"Whether it’s your tenth home or your first (like us), you can’t go wrong hiring Stephen Mercer. He provides everything you would expect from an agent- prompt responses to all text messages and emails, knowledge of the market, ability to explain the complexities of buying a home in simple terms, etc.

However, what sets Stephen Mercer apart was his background in contracting work, his ethics, and his genuine kindness.

Each time we met with him we felt we learned something new on how to spot a good home, and maintain one after buying. He allowed us to develop our own taste and never steered us in a direction just to close a deal. He takes his role as an *exclusive* buyer’s agent seriously. We toured about 15 homes with Stephen Mercer before we found “the one” and we felt absolutely confident in our decisions. This was hugely influenced by what he had taught us along the way.

We were by no means his biggest sale, but he made us feel like his only clients. He took time to move his schedule around when a house just hit the market. He came up with bidding strategies that kept us competitive in multi- bid situations. He followed up to ensure we understood everything he explained during the tours. He even came back to our house after buying it to help us do a quick-fix on one of our windows. We really feel like we struck gold when we hired him and ended up with a home that greatly exceeded our expectations in the competitive DMV market. 

Sierra L

Sierra in Maryland

“They taught us how to describe, critique, and repair houses based on decades of experience.

They had their fingers on the pulse of the DMV and gave us the lowdown on the history and future plans for each area we considered, which helped inform our decisions. In addition, they were demonstrably savvy about current market conditions and crafting competitive offers.”

Jason and Amira Maryland

“They are exclusive buyer agents so there are no biases or conflicts of interest. That’s what really appealed to me.”

Amira & Jason in Annapolis

“Right away, Cliff said, “let’s have fun! let’s enjoy this process. He really took the stress off of us which we really loved!”

Megan & Tom in Baltimore

“I'm now a proud homeowner and a fierce advocate for "exclusive buyer's agents." Don't do this any other way. Learn why journalists like ourselves and skeptical attorneys prefer them too. And walk away from home buying feel protected, served, and welcomed to your new community.”

Carrie in Silver Spring

“Thank you, guys! If we had to buy another house tomorrow, I have no doubt who we would call!”

The Hernandez-Funsch family

“We have bought a house with Marshall and Victoria twice now. When we were looking again to buy, it wasn’t even a question that we would call them again.”

Pernita and Clayton in Oakton

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