Stephen Mercer

Exclusive Buyer's Agent
Stephen Mercer

For nearly three decades, Stephen has been working in the greater Washington DC area in the home repair/renovation and real estate space. Working initially in carpentry, then residential renovations. Stephen has gained a wealth of experience when it comes to just about anything involving a home and its uses.

Stephen was raised in Belfast, N. Ireland before moving to England and finally settling in Berlin, Germany. While there, he worked in television/radio logistics for the American Forces Network. On the side, he also pursued his longtime interest indesign and carpentry and put those skills to work transforming the appearance of the various small city apartments in which his friends and acquaintances lived.

Several years later, Stephen left Berlin in order to start a new chapter with his wife in Washington DC. That is when his true interests in carpentry and renovations were able to take root and he started his own home renovations and contracting firm.

After 25 years spent renovating, designing and investing in homes around the DC metropolitan area, Stephen hung up his tool belt and turned his talents to a segment of the industry that had mostly gone unnoticed – the Exclusive Buyer Agency. This is an agency that does not represent sellers, ONLY people looking to buy a home.Exclusive Buyer’s Agents entire focus is on the buyer, on protecting their interests and advocating for them throughout the buying process.

Stephen chose to become an exclusive buyer’s agent because this approach seemed like the perfect fit, where he could use his knowledge to help find, evaluate and close on the right home for his clients.

"Working with Stephen was akin to having a close family member who knows the ins-and-outs of home buying advise you along every steps of the process. I can say without reservation that I would recommend him to anyone in need of a friendly, unbiased, and knowledgable buyer's agent - he was fantastic!"

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